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Consultations & Process

We will start the design process  for wedding or party stationery with a consultation at my home studio. If you are not local, our consultation can be done through Zoom or FaceTime. During our  meeting, we will talk about your vision for your event and invitations, look over design, font, color, and paper samples, and discuss pricing. This is also my opportunity to get to know you and learn how I can incorporate your personality and love story into your stationery. 

Next, design work begins! We will create a cohesive wedding inspiration board together and then I will design up to five different invitation samples for you with coordinating stationery. From there, we will tweak the design together until it is exactly as you like.

I recommend beginning the stationery process at least 4 months in advance.


You may notice that many bespoke stationers do not list prices on their websites. This is 

understandable, as all of our work is customized and there are many factors that go into pricing. There are also many different options for invitations, which all effect the price. But I do realize it's difficult for my clients to make realistic budget when they have no idea how stationery pricing works.

To clarify pricing for my customers, I have created three different price packages and show what is available in each package.


Quantity: 100

Base package includes: 

invitations, response cards, and two sets of envelopes in your choice of color(s)

plus address printing on both sets of envelopes.

*This is based on a quantity of 100 sets.

If you need a different quantity, the price range for each package would change

but the options for each package stay the same.


($675 - $974)


Choose your type of printing

(Digital, Thermography, or UV)

plus one add-on 

or one pocket*


Letterpress Printing

with no add-ons or pocket


*Pockets Included:

Panel, A7, 

or Cat. A Lasercut Pocket


($975 - $1484)


Choose your type of printing

(Digital, Thermography, or UV)

plus two add-ons


one pocket* plus one add-on:



Letterpress Printing

Foil Printing 

or Acrylic Invitations

with one add-on


*Pockets Included:

Panel, A7, 

or Cat. A, B, or C Lasercut Pocket




Choose your type of printing

plus any number of add-ons

plus any pocket


Vellum Wraps                    Lasercut Bellybands

Invitation Mat                    Paper Bellybands

Wax Seals                          Glitter Bellybands

Lasercut Envelopes          Satin Ribbon

Envelope Liners                Silk Ribbon 

Acrylic Invitations             Deckled Edge

Velvet Paper                      Wood Paper

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